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Day: November 12, 2021

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) releases draft maturity model

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation released Version 1.0 of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model (EKG/MM), designed to promote best practices across the knowledge graph community. Version 1.0 was created in an ongoing collaboration between experts and practitioners, and the model can be accessed or downloaded from the EKGF Website. Founding organizational members include, eccenca,, Global IDs, Cambridge Semantics, Ontotext, Stardog, and Wizdom.

EKG/MM is designed to be the industry-standard definition and guide for the capabilities required for an enterprise knowledge graph. Intended to harmonize data from disparate sources across organizations, it can be used by business leaders, project managers, trainers, HR, legal, compliance, and finance departments, data managers, technologists, and more. It establishes standard criteria for measuring progress and sets out the practical questions that all involved stakeholders ask to ensure trust, confidence, and flexibility of data.

EKG/MM covers four essential capability areas, called “pillars,” which are grouped by the main constituencies in an enterprise: Business, Organization, Data, and Technology, each of which includes standard evaluation criteria for measuring the maturity of the design, implementation, and maintenance of an EKG.

Kyndryl and Microsoft establish global strategic partnership

Together the companies will bring to market solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud that will accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, modernize applications and processes, support mission-critical workloads, and further enable modern work experiences for customers. The long-term partnership will open additional markets and new customers to Kyndryl across all industries and illustrates the speed and commitment the company is placing on forging strong relationships with enterprise technology innovators. Microsoft becomes Kyndryl’s only Premier Global Alliance Partner, increasing Microsoft’s access to the $500 billion managed services market where Kyndryl leads.

The companies will jointly bring customer solutions to market in the areas of data modernization and governance, AI-driven innovations for industries, cyber security and resiliency, and transformation of mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Kyndryl will lead with advisory, implementation and managed services for complex hybrid IT environments.

In addition, central to the partnership will be a focus on creating new solutions for customers and programs to advance skills. A co-innovation lab will be established to rapidly develop and bring to market new customer capabilities built on Microsoft Cloud. To strengthen and expand technical expertise, Microsoft will establish the “Kyndryl University for Microsoft” to rapidly scale skills for Kyndryl professionals.

BA Insight for Amazon OpenSearch Service and BA Insight for Amazon Kendra now in AWS Marketplace

BA Insight announced availability of two Amazon Web Services Marketplace offerings: BA Insight for Amazon OpenSearch Service and BA Insight for Amazon Kendra. These offerings provide customers the ability to easily subscribe to the BA Insight technology stack directly through their existing AWS accounts, taking advantage of all the capabilities provided via a BA Insight cloud service and integrated into Amazon OpenSearch Service and Amazon Kendra. BA Insight transforms the outcome of digital interactions through advanced, web-like search experiences that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. Our search software works within websites, customer portals, and enterprises; turning searches into actionable insights, regardless of where your content or users are.

BA Insight for OpenSearch Service integrates with the Amazon Web Services powered fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and run OpenSearch cost effectively at scale.

BA Insight for Amazon Kendra integrates the Kendra intelligent search service, powered by machine learning, to ensure users get the right answers to their questions, when they need them, wherever they are.

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