This week we have articles from Michael Andrews, and Minh Cung and Simon Hammond. News comes from Contentstack, Gatsby, Cloudflare and Microsoft, and Syncro Soft.

Opinion / Analysis

Taxonomy makes the world go round

Taxonomy, like the money supply or the ozone layer, is a stealthy — yet fundamental — concept in our lives that, unfortunately, only a few people know much about. Taxonomy makes the world go around: all kinds of things would stop moving without it. But only a small number of people — either inside or outside of the world of the web that manages our lives online — can explain what a taxonomy actually does. It’s generally a vague concept to designers and developers. Business people often have little idea what it is or why it matters. Even many information architects, and other people with backgrounds in library science, tend to ignore the social and economic significance of taxonomies.

Michael Andrews’ non-technical article is a worthy read for all those mentioned above.

How to design in every language at once

Yes, it sounds unlikely – localization is much harder than simple machine translation. Minh Cung and Simon Hammond and Canva’s engineering team are undaunted, and in this article share their ambitious goal and generously describe how they are implementing it.

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Content technology news

Contentstack acquires division of Raw Engineering

The team of 50+ CMS and integration experts will join Contentstack for a new offering of “Enablement Services” to customers and partners.

Gatsby 4 Web Framework is released

New features include new page rendering modes, parallel query processing, and improved Gatsby Cloud preview.

Cloudflare collaborates with Microsoft and search engines to help improve websites’ search results

Cloudflare and Microsoft will allow websites to automatically notify search engines when content is created, updated, deleted as part of the The initiative.

Syncro Soft announces the release of Version 24 of the Oxygen XML suite of products

Suite includes: Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, Publishing Engine, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and Oxygen XML Scripting.

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