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Day: October 5, 2021

WP Engine launches Atlas Content Modeler

WP Engine, a WordPress technology company, announced the launch of Atlas Content Modeler (ACM), a free WordPress plugin to create custom post types and fields for headless WordPress sites. ACM integrates seamlessly with WPGraphQL, replacing the need for three separate plugins required to create content models for headless sites. Custom content modeling is a critical task for every enterprise WordPress project, however WordPress doesn’t have this feature as part of its core content management system (CMS). ACM makes the creation of custom content models easier:

  • 3 tools in 1 – Create custom post types and fields in WordPress, and integrate it with WPGraphQL for headless projects in a single package.
  • Easy to use – The plugin is intuitive enough to use right away.
  • Advanced fields, by default – Developers can create schemas that include Rich Text, Media, Numbers, Dates, Boolean and Relationship data fields.
  • Define relationships between content models – ACM comes with the ability to define relationships between content models, which adds both structure and meaning to content.
  • Create custom taxonomies – With ACM, developers can define taxonomies that help their content producers organize their content in a flexible manner.
  • Easy-to-use publisher experience – ACM automatically creates edit screens for publishing structured content immediately.

Sitecore launches Sitecore Manager Experience Cloud

Sitecore announced Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, a cloud-native CMS offering design flexibility, integration-friendliness, and authoring experience for business users to create and deliver personalized digital experiences. With this new addition to the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Sitecore offers their first SaaS offering that reimagines how content, experience orchestration, commerce and analytics support modern enterprises. The company also announces a range of new product updates that integrate recent acquisitions, and the launch of a subscription-based learning resource.

Sitecore’s new SaaS DXP is available for customers in most regions globally, is built on a composable architecture, so end users can buy best-of-breed products or an integrated platform that scales to support high volume content, visitor, and data processing needs. The composable approach enables brands to capitalize on Sitecore’s partner ecosystem, developer network, and expertise in helping enterprise businesses manage and enhance the customer experience. Customers can now configure and connect products through APIs as needed and have the ability to flex their creativity to create differentiation in the market faster. With microservices-based, cloud-native technology, the option to scale up or down, and quickly change content across different channels is possible.

Sinequa announces Starter Apps

Sinequa, a provider of Intelligent Enterprise Search, announced new accelerators for custom Insight Apps. These accelerators, referred to as Starter Apps, power tailored search experiences that bring all relevant enterprise content together in the flow of work for all employees. This reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to build and scale Insight Apps for complex and high-value use cases. These Insight Apps target the digital hybrid workplace for knowledge-intensive industries and applications such as life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and intelligence and information discovery. Starter Apps are pre-configured and open source applications that bring together the reusable and extensible components of Sinequa’s Insight App Framework to deploy Insight Apps faster. Starter Apps available:

  • The Search Starter App is an out-of-the-box UI that includes all the pieces of a standard enterprise search application without the need for any custom code.
  • The Sinequa Analytics Starter App structures unstructured content and extracts information for display on an interactive dashboard. This tool helps employees spot trends and relationships across vast quantities of data quickly and efficiently, providing insights to inform business strategy.
  • The Usage Dashboard Starter App makes it easy to analyze and track the usage of Sinequa applications.

Brightcove announces Marketing Studio

Brightcove unveiled Brightcove Marketing Studio, a new solution that gives marketers access to easily find, use, and repurpose video assets, which are costly to create and underutilized across marketing teams.

Marketing professionals are often forced to search multiple systems to find ideal videos for their initiatives, often lacking insight into which videos perform best or what useful assets actually exist. And, although 3 out of 4 marketers say video is “important” or “central” to their content strategies, more than half say “unclear processes” or “technical constraints” prevent them from using video more. Brightcove Marketing Studio provides role-based access to video assets through a team’s preferred social platforms, marketing automation, digital asset management, and content management tools. Marketing Studio features:

  • Centralized video management: Puts everything marketers need at their fingertips, including full-length videos, social clips, and thumbnails.
  • Integration into existing workflows: Pulls video into the tools marketers use for discovery and implementation in email, social, partner, web, and event campaigns.
  • Smart search: Surfaces relevant videos for every initiative with smart tagging and recommendations based on topic, format, audience, and buyer stage.
  • Viewer intelligence: Provides insights into video performance and viewer engagement, displayed in intuitive dashboards or existing third-party analytics systems.

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