This week we have articles from Mark Nottingham (@mnot)and Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ). News comes from KPS and Brightspot, Lilt, Elastic Search, and LumenVox.

Opinion / Analysis

How the next layer of the internet is going to be standardised

Mark Nottingham takes a look at the UK Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) investigation and agreement with Google, and the US proposed ACCESS Act 2021, which would require designated platforms to conform to interoperability standards set a new committee run by the FTC. He explains why these well-intentioned efforts could result in internet fragmentation and ossification. Nottingham then asks whether the IETF and W3C should take on this standards development and discusses the pros and cons. Certainly they should have at least an advisory role — anything less would be negligent. This article should be required reading for anyone advising government regulators, if not the regulators themselves.

Facebook only cares about privacy for advertisers

The “only” in the title may sound a little strong, but given that 98% of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertisers, the title is fair enough. Especially as Facebook just shut down accounts of researchers at NYU’s Ad Observatory project and said it was to “protect people’s privacy in line with our privacy program under the FTC Order”. To put it mildly, this was a misleading statement. Ethan Zuckerman explains what happened, and why this kind of research is critical to understanding how personal data is being used to spread misinformation, among other things.

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Content technology news

Lilt launches Quick Translate Machine Translation solution

New user interface enables higher quality machine translation in a secure environment.

KPS and Brightspot partner to deliver content management

Brightspot CMS will enable international KPS customers to scale quickly and accommodate complex workflows. ▪︎

Deeper insight with Kibana visualizations, precision tuning in App Search, synonym support in Workplace Search, data ingestion flexibility.

LumenVox launches new speech recognition engine with transcription

Built using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning (ML), helps deliver more accurate speech-enabled customer experiences.

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