Confluent, Inc. announced the Confluent Q3 ʼ21 Release, with features that help organizations share data between different environments, integrate with business-critical applications, and store data for digital customer experiences and data-driven backend operations.

As a part of the Q3 ʼ21 Release, ksqlDB pull queries are now generally available in Confluent Cloud. Together with push queries, ksqlDB enables a broad class of end-to-end stream processing workloads without the need to work across multiple systems to build streaming applications.

Confluent has expanded its library of managed Kafka. The Salesforce Platform Events Source connector enables organizations to unlock customer data and share it with downstream data warehouses and applications. The Azure Cosmos DB Sink connector helps companies migrate to a modern, cloud-native database to enable high performance and automatic scaling, unlocking real-time use cases.

Confluent re-architected Kafka to work in the cloud. Infinite Storage is now generally available for Google Cloud, after initially launching for AWS. Organizations can now retain all the real-time and historical data they need without pre-provisioning additional infrastructure or running the risk of paying for unused storage.