Asana announced Universal Reporting, offering new ways for leaders to keep track of how work is progressing towards business critical goals. Powered by Asana’s Work Graph data model, Universal Reporting provides complete, fully-connected, accurate reports with real-time information on team activities, workloads, and budget.

Rather than relying on endless check-in meetings and outdated status updates, Universal Reporting enables real-time clarity across any combination of projects. In just a few clicks, a manager can pull together a unique set of projects across multiple departments to showcase progress in a way that’s customizable, flexible and always up-to-date.

  • Get real-time information without manual effort: Because Dashboards are connected to the work in Asana the information is up-to-date.
  • Unblock work with meaningful and actionable insights: Asana’s charts make it easy to quickly diagnose potential issues, navigate to the underlying data and take action on it.
  • Streamline reporting with a single source of truth: When an organization’s work lives in Asana, reporting becomes straightforward and streamlined. Once the reporting direction is set, teams have the flexibility to create charts on any workstream they need to monitor.