In this issue we take you on a trip through enterprise knowledge graph lands, look at how blockchain is helping companies smooth collaboration, consider disruptive ecosystems forming around CDWs, and introduce you to a new effort to improve the management and utility of business documents.

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From Flatland to HOG Heaven

Large-scale enterprise knowledge graphs (EKGs) are still a rare beast in enterprises in spite of their promise which is ably demonstrated by implementations at the largest tech companies. Mainstream scarcity of EKGs is understandable given the amount of change involved – both in how we think about information management problems, and of course in how we marshal the troops to plan and deploy. 

Dan McCreary takes you on an amusing journey through four lands with distinct characteristics and cognitive styles, to help you envision the who and what you need to reach HOG (Hardware Optimized Graph) Heaven. 

Hog heaven

How blockchain can simplify improve collaboration and simplify partnerships

There are many potential applications for blockchains and enterprises in multiple industries have built private blockchain applications. Information sharing and collaboration are areas where most organizations could benefit from blockchains. This non-technical Harvard Business Review article takes you through some of the ways blockchain is being used to significantly improve collaboration, and what to watch out for in practice.

Will Snowflake be the next great platform?

Gabriel de Vinzelles suggests it will, and as an investor is looking at the evolving ecosystem around cloud data warehouses (CDWs), and the startups who are looking to “rebuild many product categories such as Data Ingestion, Data Transformation, Data Governance, Data Quality, etc.”. There is certainly a lot of opportunity here, especially for unstructured data based on inquiries we see.

Of course Snowflake is not the only CDW and Vinzelles isn’t only talking about them. The ecosystems around other CDWs will also be disrupted by the same, or similar companies he is tracking.


Documents have always been the problem child of information management because of the infinite varieties of content, structure, format, and the relationships between them. Even with the advances in machine learning, natural language processing, and graph databases we struggle with the complexity and and cost of managing documents and their content. But the combination of these technologies can help, and that is startup Docugami’s goal. Their product is in semi-stealth mode, but this TechCrunch interview with Docugami Co-founder Jean Paoli will give you an idea of what they are up to, and why we refer to “docs vs cats” in this issues’ subject line.

Also worthy

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