X1, provider of remote preservation and collection software, announced the extension of its X1 Enterprise Platform to include preserving and collecting data from network file shares and cloud storage platforms Dropbox and OneDrive. These new capabilities allow X1 Enterprise to remotely capture not just laptop and desktop data for Mac and Windows, as well as Office365 and Exchange, but cloud and on-premise file share data as part of any legal proceeding or investigation. Dropbox and OneDrive have become key repositories of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) required to be preserved and collected for legal proceedings and investigations. Collecting ESI from any of these sources has been a major challenge for corporations and their outside counsel and service providers.

X1’s index and search in-place technology allows organizations to remotely process their distributed data in place, in parallel on each machine, without the need to wildly overcollect by forensically imaging the data which must then be taken back to a central location for processing. This streamlined workflow enables X1 to address multiple file servers at once up to hundreds of terabytes in size.