Beezy Inc. announced the launch of Beezy 4.0, a digital workplace built to optimize the Office 365 employee experience. Designed to enhance Office 365 and replace legacy intranets, Beezy is focused on productivity, improved communications and efficiencies and reducing bottlenecks. The solution takes usability insights and features from familiar social media and productivity tools and brings them together in a cohesive professional environment. Beezy offers quick and easy setup, data security and compliance, and a robust mobile app, making it easier for employees to stay connected and carry out their tasks in a way that’s engaging and collaborative. The 4.0 updates include:

  • Global and local: With Beezy 4.0, one centralized digital workplace can be deployed at a large scale to unify local intranets across the globe.
  • Hero display: This new feature brings the organization’s most relevant content front and center in a clean and visually compelling way, enabling organizations to maximize the homepage real estate to display rich and engaging content without cluttering the UX.
  • Custom widgets: In addition to Beezy’s expansive out-of-the-box widgets, companies can create custom widgets that align to their unique business needs.
  • Video stories: Beezy 4.0 provides more flexibility for organizations to deliver compelling and integrated video content in a way that’s intuitive and accessible to all levels of technical skill.
  • Microsoft Teams integration: While Microsoft Teams adoption has skyrocketed for team collaboration, it may not replace an intranet and the need for an inspiring digital destination for employees. Beezy 4.0 includes a Teams App to bridge the gap, offering an integrated experience across both technologies.