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Day: September 29, 2020

Alfresco launches Alfresco Process Automation

Alfresco Software, an open source, content management platform and solutions provider, announced the availability of Alfresco Process Automation, an offering that enables organizations to build content-centric process applications in the Cloud. Alfresco Process Automation is a core part of Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform as a Service (DBPaaS). Business applications are often built for a specific need or to solve a discrete task, however these applications can create silos of important information that ultimately become barriers to change, obstructing innovation and organizational growth. Alfresco Process Automation enables the building of content-centric applications that enable teams to work more effectively together, share important information, improve knowledge, better manage collaborative processes and projects, and respond to opportunities.

As part of Alfresco’s DBPaaS, Alfresco Process Automation offers organizations open, secure content services coupled with governance services leverages a range of Cloud native capabilities such as AI, ML, recognition & business Intelligence services. It provides auditable and compliant visibility of content throughout workflows from creation to policy-controlled destruction.

Cloudflare announces privacy-first Web Analytics for all website owners

Cloudflare, Inc. launched Cloudflare Web Analytics to provide accurate, clear, and free analytics for anyone who cares about how their site is performing and doesn’t want to sacrifice their visitors’ privacy. Cloudflare Web Analytics is built on top of Cloudflare’s existing network, giving site owners insight into key traffic metrics at the edge. Now site owners have control over their own site data, eliminating the need for third-party scripts that can track their users and help retarget them with advertising. Cloudflare Web Analytics will be available, for free, to any website owner, whether they are an existing Cloudflare customer or not.

Unlike ad-supporting analytics companies, Cloudflare’s business model has never been about tracking individual users across the web. Cloudflare does not track where visitors are going online, and can help web owners get clear and accurate information about how their sites are performing without the need to profile users. Cloudflare already processes the requests for sites on its network and can collect analytics at the edge without adding third-party analytics scripts to a website. This privacy-friendly approach measures a ‘visit’ by looking at the source of each request, rather than tracking individual user behavior. Cloudflare Web Analytics also does not conflict with ad blockers, which frequently block third-party analytics tools from measuring anything at all. When combined with Cloudflare’s Bot Management tool, automated bot traffic that could skew analytics is also filtered out for improved accuracy.

Cloudflare paid customers can enjoy Web Analytics today. In the coming months, Cloudflare Web Analytics will be available to any website owner including those not on Cloudflare’s network. If you are not an existing Cloudflare customer on a paid plan, you can add your name to the waitlist.

Colligo announces Content Manager for Microsoft 365

Colligo announced the launch of Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365, expanding the email capture and SharePoint collaboration capabilities it delivers to organizations using Microsoft 365 Outlook and SharePoint Online. When organizations combine Email Manager and Content Manager for Microsoft 365, the add-ins enable workers to achieve more productivity from Outlook: filing emails and attachments to SharePoint Online from their inbox including on mobile devices, and browsing and sharing any SharePoint file for collaboration.

Colligo’s Email Manager and Content Manager add-ins work in conjunction with Colligo Cloud Admin Console, the Azure-based administration and configuration platform that enables administrators to add-in users, deploy policies, ensure compliance and report analytics. Once Colligo Microsoft 365 solutions are deployed, users will see the same interface wherever they access Outlook online. The new Colligo Email Manager and Content Manager for Microsoft 365 solutions are available for customers to trial today.

Northern Light adds content from consultants and researchers to knowledge management platform

Northern Light announced its SinglePoint knowledge management platform now contains a search index of reports published by “thought leaders” from more than 15 business strategy consulting firms, “think tanks” and non-governmental research organizations. Northern Light’s new Thought Leaders content collection features insights across a range of industries and strategy topics from firms such as Accenture, API, Bain, BCG, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM Institute for Business Value, KPMG, MITRE, Pew Research Center, PwC, Tata Consultancy Services, World Economic Forum (WEF), and the World Health Organization (WHO). Initially, the collection contains approximately 20,000 market and technology reports; Northern Light expects to add an additional 1,000 new reports per month to the search index. The reports in the collection contain analysis, commentary, and forecasts of the trends in industries such as life sciences, healthcare, information technology, financial services, and consumer products.

Key topics, such as marketing to Millennials and post-Millennials, are covered in depth. The search index includes links to the reports on the thought leaders’ websites, and all of the reports in the collection are available to users. In addition to the new thought leaders content set, other content collections that can be accessed within SinglePoint include an organization’s own primary research, licensed secondary research, industry news, technology vendor white papers, conference abstracts, and various government and industry databases.

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