Connatix announced the launch of a proprietary Video Insights Engine. This new capability will leverage advanced machine learning to automatically analyze the visuals and audio within a publisher’s video content to help bring greater efficiency to editorial workflows with automatic video indexing, derive new insights from content performance, and help scale contextual offerings. The Video Insights Engine is available in Elements, their online video platform (OVP) for publishers. The Video Insights Engine is a result of last year’s acquisition and integration of Kamidoo, a company that specializes in natural language processing, and is the first installment of the technology within the Elements platform. Connatix uses its proprietary technology with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to identify:

  • Content categories: Automatically assigns categories and sub-categories to video content.
  • Detects brands and companies: Recognizes brands and companies mentioned and/or detected in videos.
  • Flags mentions of famous individuals.
  • Determines sentiment of video content: Provides a breakout of the positive, negative, and neutral emotions detected in videos.

This automatic video indexing and categorization technology comes as a complementary offering to Connatix’s contextual page analysis capabilities.