Slack and Rimeto announced that Slack has acquired Rimeto. Rimeto’s advanced profile and directory features will be integrated into Slack directly, but Slack will also continue to offer Rimeto as a standalone product and support their existing enterprise customers. Rimeto offers an enterprise wide, searchable directory, automatically integrating information from across a company to deliver rich profiles of every employee, their skills, experience, and current projects. Channels make it easy to find the information needed to understand what teams are working on. Now with Rimeto it will also be easy to find the people needed and understand the humans you’re working with. The traditional enterprise directory includes pretty limited information, usually what you’d find on a business card, and search is limited the same way. But Rimeto provides search across every attribute — whether for a project leader, everyone who worked with a specific customer, an expert on sales cycles in a particular region, or additional information about a new team member.,