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Day: July 20, 2020

TransPerfect releases updated component content management system

TransPerfect announced the release of the newest version of its GlobalLink Vasont Inspire Component Content Management System (CCMS). The new build runs on a .NET Core platform, which has improved overall performance. According to the company improvements in several key areas contributed to the jump in overall performance. Import and export times are reduced by 60%. Publishing process timelines are cut in half. Translation-packaging operations are 75% to 90% faster. When combined, the upgraded .NET Core back end cuts the time it takes companies to get their content to customers by 50%. In addition, users in compliance, marketing, and technology departments experience greater responsiveness even as their content management needs increase. To address challenges created by growing file sizes and content volumes, TransPerfect’s development team decided to refactor and optimize the GlobalLink CCMS back end software around .NET Core.

Zype Video CMS now on Google Cloud Marketplace

Zype announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace. Google Cloud customers now have access to Zype’s OTT Video Platform of integrated products for building enterprise and media & entertainment ecosystems; products include Video CMS, Video CRM, Encoding, Playout, Content Delivery, and Video Connectors.  Google Cloud customers can now:

  • Engage Zype Connectors to build marketplace-ready OTT apps across all major platforms
  • Access Zype Playout to program, schedule, and deliver VOD to Live Linear HLS or RTMP to vMVPD and FAST platforms
  • Configure Zype CRM to manage flexible monetization models across video marketplaces, with support for SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD
  • Leverage analytics dashboards for insight across revenue and engagement

Organizations that want to try Zype can take advantage of the On Demand Plan that enables users to deploy on-demand transcoding with no commitment.

Kentico announced two product divisions and new managing director of Kontent

Kentico Software has two products that have just recently undergone rebranding—Kontent, a headless CMS, and Xperience, a digital experience platform. Together with the rebrand and visual facelift of each product, two respective divisions were created, each with its own strategy and executive team, that will continue to cooperate closely. Kentico also announced the promotion of a new Managing Director, Bart Omlo, who joined the company in 2015. Petr Palas, the founder and sole owner of Kentico has announced heading to a strategic level and devoting himself fully to his role of the CEO.

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