Digital asset management (DAM) vendor Bynder has acquired We Adapt, a SaaS solution to help brands scale video content creation. With the addition of We Adapt, renamed Video Brand Studio, Bynder offers brands a single platform to scale on-brand content capabilities across print, images, and video. Marketers need to manage the content demand for a wide range of mediums and distribution methods, including social media, websites, email marketing campaigns, and digital advertising platforms. The traditional video creative process of crafting videos one by one struggles to meet the new needs for large volumes of related videos with the agility that online channels require. Video Brand Studio alleviates that bottleneck by providing video creation and modification tools to quickly create and update similar videos simultaneously without any editing skills.

Once fully integrated, Video Brand Studio will be available as an optional add-on module alongside Digital Brand Templates and Print Brand Templates. The integrations Video Brand Studio offers with digital advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram complement Bynder’s other downstream integrations to provide customers an integrated process for content creation, management, and distribution that boosts efficiency and agility. The same advertising platform integrations also give customers greater insights into creative performance through online video campaign performance data.