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Washington DC April 28 – 29, Workshops May 1

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Enterprise digital transformations are not for the feint of heart. Technologies, practices, workflows, customer expectations, and market and business requirements are constantly evolving, and technical and operational integrations need to somehow keep up. That’s why case studies from experienced pros like this one are a critical part of your strategy due diligence. 

B101. Transforming your digital ecosystem successfully: why & how it is possible 

Can you build a digital ecosystem that enables your organization to delight its customers at every touchpoint, while delivering effective personalization and omni-channel engagement? Can you meet the needs of your customer’s journey across all channels to deliver her relevant content at any given point? For many, a successful customer experience relies on an affirmative answer to both questions. But the “transformation” required to support such efforts presents brands with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Where do you even begin? Our session helps you kick-start a digital transformation initiative by showing you how it can be done, even if you are starting with disparate systems, processes, and disconnected customer experiences. We show you an effective strategy and road map, including best practices in its execution. We offer you real-world examples of what has worked and led to a 400% increase in customer engagement—and what has not—and how you can succeed.

Monday, April 29: 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Vijay Hanumolu


Vijay Hanumolu
Vice President, Digital Strategy, Unum


Kevin Nichols


Kevin P Nichols
Executive Director, Experience, AvenueCX and Global Content Strategist


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