Unified Development, Inc. (Unidev), a diversified IT company based in St. Louis, Missouri, announced its search for Microsoft Partners in North America, Asia and Europe to implement their global web content management (CMS) system, Auctori. Unidev is a 16 year Microsoft Certified Partner. Auctori, a .Net SaaS CMS Platform, was developed by Unidev for multi-national companies, and currently supports a number of European, North American and Asian sites. This system supports multi-lingual site management and site deployment. Auctori was built in conjunction with a team of search engine optimization (SEO) specialists to implement best SEO practices. The next release of Auctori is scheduled for the first quarter of 2010, and will feature European and Asian hosting in addition to its current North American hosting, with all sites and platforms managed from a single console. Unidev is looking to leverage the Microsoft Partner Channel Builder to deepen their services and solutions to more complex business opportunities, to provide a broader range of client services and to create business relationships with other partners whose skills complement their own. http://www.unidev.com, http://www.auctori.com