Open Text Corporation announced the release of Vignette Content Management 8. Vignette Content Management 8 introduces a new design aimed to let business users to create websites, microsites and landing pages on-demand, while staying within branding and technical guidelines. The design caters to specific personas in marketing or other departments, providing tools, designs and other resources based on their roles. Vignette Content Management 8 offers a way to create and manage Web experiences by streamlining the management of Web layouts and structures. This includes page management, site and navigation management, content production, taxonomy and task management. Vignette Content Management 8 has been designed to help users move to the new interface at their own pace. Marketers can assign search engine compatible vanity URLs to specific pages, or navigation channels; leverage site templating capabilities to quickly generate microsites for promotions or events; establish seasonal or event-specific designs when and where applicable in a consistent manner; add content contextually within the website; and work with rich media and social media assets.