EntropySoft announced the commercial release of an Open Text Vignette Content Management connector. Features for the read/write connector include preparing Vignette content for search, e-discovery, Records Management or for daily document transfers. This connector aims to facilitate web publishing of content coming from different sources and speed up the update of sites. The connector should also be able to integrate vertical applications working with Vignette content. The EntropySoft Vignette Content Management connector works with the Vignette Management Console API. The connector is a single java library, a .jar file. The EntropySoft Vignette connector allows the creation and modification of Vignette objects such as sites, channels, projects and documents. The Vignette connector will be CMIS-compliant when the specification is available. The Vignette connector can also be integrated in third-party applications or used in conjunction with EntropySoft’s content hub or Content ETL. http://www.entropysoft.net