SpringCM announced the newest version of its SaaS content management system SpringCM (5.4), which has new features and upgrades designed to make SpringCM more powerful and easier to use. A new feature of Version 5.4 is the ability to automatically set the retention period on a record based on a date field inside a document (e.g. hire date, contract expiration date, etc.). This was designed to be helpful for ongoing document-driven processes as well as for importing existing documents into the system through back-file conversion. Users should now be able to automatically classify a document as a record from within a SpringCM Advanced Workflow or a document rule, enabling business logic to drive records definition. SpringCM’s reporting has been enhanced to provide more standard reports and tries to make it easier to design custom reports. Custom dashboards introduced in Version 5.3 have been expanded with more dashboard layout options, tabbed dashboards and dashboards that are customizable to the user role in any SpringCM-based application. Other enhancements in SpringCM version 5.4 extend the view and markup functionality. All SpringCM functionality is delivered as a Web-based service for a monthly fee, and companies can deploy multiple applications on one technology infrastructure. Business processes like invoice processing, contract management, new employee on-boarding, and compliance certification can be captured in a SpringCM template and then deployed to multiple operating groups. http://www.springcm.com/