Syncro Soft released <oXygen/> XML Editor and Author version 11. Version 11 of <oXygen/> XML Editor comes with new features covering both XML development and XML authoring like: XProc support, integrated documentation for XSLT stylesheets, a new XQuery debugger (for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database), MathML rendering and editing support, a smarter Author mode for an improved visual editing experience and DITA 1.2 features. The support for very large documents was improved to handle documents in the 200MB range in the editor and 10GB in the large files viewer, the SVN support was upgraded with new features and a number of processors and frameworks were updated to their latest versions. <oXygen/> 11 contains also an experimental integration with EMC Documentum Content Management System. <oXygen/> XML Editor can be purchased for a price of USD 449 for the Enterprise license, USD 349 for the Professional license, and USD 64 for Academic/Non-Commercial use (for the latter, the support and maintenance pack is included). <oXygen/> XML Author can be purchased for a price of USD 269 for the Enterprise license and USD 199 for the Professional license. <oXygen/> XML Editor and Author version 11 can be freely evaluated for 30 days. You can request a trial license key from