Open Text Corporation has announced plans to expand its suite of Web solutions with products and technologies from recently acquired Vignette playing a central role. Offered as part of the Open Text ECM Suite, the solutions should help organizations establish deeper connections to customers and use the Web as a channel for new revenues. As part of this strategy, Open Text will leverage technologies from both Vignette and its existing solutions to deliver new next- generation Web offerings. Vignette Content Management will form the foundation of Open Text’s Web business solutions, providing personalized and multi-channel capabilities integrated with the Open Text ECM Suite.  Open Text has said it will continue to develop both Vignette Content Management and Open Text Web Solutions as complementary offerings to meet the full range of WCM needs. Open Text will release Vignette Content Management version 8.0 and Vignette Portal version 8.0 in the second half of 2009. The recently released Web Solutions 10.0 will be followed by the release of Web Solutions 10.1 in the first half of 2010. Within 24 months, Open Text will launch an offering that combines key strengths of Web Solutions with the Vignette Content Management platform. Vignette Social Media Solutions (Community Applications and Community Services) will be the basis of a new Social Marketplace offering, which will be added to Open Text’s Social Media solutions, targeting Internet-style social media interactions and enabling existing Web sites with social content. Current Open Text WCM customers will be able to take advantage of this new Social Marketplace package. In addition, Vignette Collaboration will continue to be enhanced as part of the underlying Vignette Social Media technology stack.