IXIASOFT has announced the availability of version 2.6 of its DITA CMS solution. DITA CMS is a content management solution enabling technical communicators to author, manage and publish their DITA content efficiently. The solution’s flexible search tool enable users to find and reuse their DITA topics, images and maps. New features include saving search queries and the exporting of search results. The DITA relationship table editor now has drag and drop capability for creating relations between topics, as well as a relationship overview feature for finding items a topic is linked to. Other new features include– a dependency view (“where-used” feature); the ability to use an external diff tool (in addition to the built-in tool), for xml-aware comparison; drag and drop interface in the map editor for creating maps from search results; and the ability to run certain tasks in the background while the user continues on a different task. http://www.ixiasoft.com/