The Security ans Exchange Commission has officially mandated XBRL filings. In the final ruling, announced December 17, 2008, the SEC will require the largest public companies, those with a worldwide public float greater than $5 billion, to begin reporting financial statements in XBRL format starting with their first fiscal period on or after June 15, 2009. All other large accelerated filers will be required to file in XBRL format 12 months later; and all other public companies will need to comply starting 12 months after that. XBRL US has established specific programs and created tools designed to support financial reporting preparers as they begin the process: Preparer Training Sessions “XBRL Filer Training Workshop”, a program that will give you the basics on how to map and tag your own financial statements, how to block tag footnotes, issues to consider and how to get started; Free educational webinar, “XBRL for Filers”, covering the planning process, how to map, tag and create extensions and how to guard against risks; Tools and Services Matrix, an online comparative table that outlines XBRL US member offerings that will help public companies create XBRL-formatted financials; XBRL US GAAP data tags, the full set of elements that public companies will need to use to begin submitting in XBRL format. XBRL US developed these tags under contract with the SEC; XBRL US GAAP Taxonomies Preparers Guide, a comprehensive document on how to tag financials, create extensions and work with the taxonomies.