I missed this, and I shouldn’t have, but that is what a few weeks out of the office will do for you. It’s significant for Quark’s new DPS offering, and also bolsters their traditional QPS line, which has been re-architected to better support open development standards and XML. (I wrote an article about QPS for the Seybold Report, but it is behind their firewall.)

There are plenty of Quark skeptics out there (and I have been one of them), and it’s clear that Quark has challenges. But they are also still a sizable company, and they have a talented management team that understands the enterprise publishing market. And while Adobe is formidable, Adobe also does not seem to want to put together integrated server offerings or to take on the services side of a service-intensive business. Meanwhile Quark does, with both QPS and DPS, and a growing list of service partnerships. Since we’re convinced that enterprise publishing is an important market, the message here seems to be to not count Quark out yet.