X1 Technologies, Inc., released a new enterprise search suite for Symantec Enterprise Vault. X1 Search Suite for Symantec Enterprise Vault provides an intuitive graphical interface to find, preview and act upon documents, email and attachments regardless of location. The X1 Search Suite for Symantec Enterprise Vault enhances customer productivity by providing the ability to search both the contents of the Vault and data residing in email applications and files. The X1 Search Suite for Symantec Enterprise Vault consists of three components. The first two consist of the scalable X1 Enterprise Server combined with the X1 Content Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault that provide true search federation and do not duplicate data. By using native API connectivity, the security of the user’s company security model is preserved and does not facilitate retention policy violations. Lastly, the X1 Suite includes the X1 Enterprise Search Client which provides a single search interface where users can search multiple vaults along with data in 3rd party email packages and in over 400 file formats. Users can then use the X1 client to preview and act upon the search results; including native Symantec Enterprise Vault actions. http://www.x1.com