Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS announced the release of Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite 2007. This is a significant upgrade to the company’s desktop software that enables the creation of database-driven variable data print and personalized HTML emails. This release introduces new features that provide design and content variability within an individual document, as well as graphic design and production workflow enhancements. Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite 2007 includes the following new features: Document Actions – This new feature set gives power users the ability to create documents with unlimited variability. Every aspect of a print document – including variable values, content, attributes, colors, fonts, pages, shapes, and text – can be modified on a record by record basis; Global Copyfit – This enhanced copyfitting feature enables graphic designers to ensure consistent typography settings across a document even when text settings are adjusted to fit overflow variable text. The template designer can designate that specific containers in a document (e.g. caption boxes) all maintain the same type settings (font size, leading, tracking, etc.) when the document is produced, even if the text in only one of the containers has been copyfit; Bézier drawing tools – Graphic designers can add complex curves and shapes to their page layouts and static or variable text can be inserted and edited on curved or irregular paths; Conversion of shapes to text containers – Designers can now convert shape elements into both regular and Bézier text containers, and more. Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite 2007 will be available as of March 7, 2007.