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Month: February 2006 (Page 2 of 8)

Xenos Announces d2e Vision v2.2

Xenos Group, Inc. (TSX: XNS) announced the release of Xenos d2e Vision version 2.2 for transforming documents into electronic formats. Designed for rapid and seamless integration with other e-Business applications, this version includes enhancements in its handling of images, color and support for additional input and output print streams and formats. Written in Java, Xenos d2e Vision provides electronic content management, archiving and dynamic e-business Web document presentment solutions with data extraction, document separation, transformation and repurposing capabilities. New Features in Xenos d2e Vision Version 2.2 Include: PCL Generator – Transforms printed output from traditional high-volume data streams into PCL suitable for desktop or production printers, and supports PCL5; PostScript Generator – This component can be used to selectively output and split document input for the routing and migration from legacy printstreams, and produces PostScript Level 3; AFP Parser / AFP Generator – Enables parsing and generating AFP files that use OpenType fonts and Unicode data; JPEG Parsing and Importing; Inline Resources – Enables inclusion of all resources used in a document as inline resources in the AFPoutput; and AFP Generator ImageOptions – Allows custom definitions for processing image elements to optimize file sizes and printing speeds. Xenos d2e Vision version 2.2 is available for Windows NT/2000/XP, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and IBM z/OS (running Unix Systems Services).

Near-Time Launches Hosted Service with Blogs, Wikis & Group Calendars

Near-Time, Inc. announced the beta launch of its namesake hosted collaboration service. With Near-Time, users can quickly launch workspaces that tap into the power of Weblogs, Wikis and group scheduling, giving groups an easy and secure way to share ideas, information and files over the Web. Near-Time combines the non-linear, ad hoc collaboration of Wikis with the time sensitive, broadcast nature of blogs. It gives small and mid-size businesses a way to collaborate via familiar metaphors that require no IT “care and feeding” or infrastructure investment. Larger enterprises can take advantage of Near-Time’s architecture to integrate with other collaborative tools and build interdepartmental and inter-enterprise collaboration hubs. Near-Time’s support for standard Web organization schemes, including hypertext links, categories, and tags, gives users an easy way to discover, reuse and remix group content. Near-Time also leverages existing technologies such as Weblog APIs, email, RSS and Atom feeds, and XML to provide interoperability with existing applications and systems. During the beta period, all access to Near-Time services will be free. The commercial launch of Near-Time is targeted for late March and will include a free, entry level annual service. Commercial plans include encryption and domain mapping and will enable users to upload and share files. Commercial price plans start at $4.95 per month. All Near-Time users can create as many Near-Time spaces and invite as many members as needed.

EMC Introduces eDiscovery Solution

EMC Corporation introduced the EMC eDiscovery Solution, an integrated offering of EMC information and content management software, networked storage and professional services designed to help customers of all sizes better manage the legal discovery process. The solution provides an alternative to reactive and time-consuming litigation-response methods, giving customers a proactive model for future litigation events. The EMC eDiscovery Solution is an extension of EMC Technology Solution’s professional services portfolio, which includes consulting, implementation and managed services. The EMC eDiscovery Solution brings together the following EMC products: EMC EmailXtender archiving software to automate e-mail capture, retention and repository search, EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Integration Services software to achieve federated search and data collection across disparate content silos, EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management platform software to deliver legal hold as well as content records and legal-matter management, and EMC Centera and EMC CLARiiON networked storage platforms to assure content accessibility and integrity. The EMC eDiscovery Solution is immediately available.

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