Snowbound Software announced support for static HTML in its Java imaging solutions, providing companies with a fast method to both view HTML and also convert it to a variety of other formats for archiving and distribution. Support for static HTML in the RasterMaster Imaging SDK and FlexSnap web viewers extends a company’s ability to utilize and repurpose information captured in HTML web-based forms. Companies can now convert the information from HTML to any of the other formats supported in Snowbound’s Java library including Word, PDF, Tiff, and JPEG. With the RasterMaster imaging SDK, developers can incorporate the ability to view and convert static HTML documents directly into their application. Through its FlexSnap universal Web viewers, users can quickly retrieve HTML files stored within a content repository or file server and view the information in the same application they view other documents including PDF and Word. In addition to Java, support for static HTML is also available in its RasterMaster Imaging Toolkit for Windows DLL, ActiveX, and .NET as well as its SnowBatch batch conversion application.