Altova announced a new approach to accelerating the creation of reliable Web services by leveraging the visual design capabilities of Altova XMLSpy and MapForce. Customers can develop applications based on WSDL, SOAP, and other Web-based standards so that data can be shared across disparate business systems. To help customers better understand Web services and how Altova tools simplify their development, the Altova Solutions Center now contains specific business scenarios, case studies, technical guidance, video demonstrations, white papers, free online training classes, and a recommended gameplan for Web services success. The complementary features of Altova XMLSpy and MapForce automate many of the otherwise complex steps in Web services development so developers can concentrate on business rules and logic instead of becoming mired in source code or the arcane implementation details of the infrastructure. The Web services information resources are available now in the Altova Solutions Center and can be accessed free of charge at: