DocuLex and dtSearch announced a new version of DocuLex Desktop Search. With the dtSearch terabyte indexer embedded, the latest release can index over a terabyte of data in a single index, up from 4-8 gigabytes of text per index. The application can also create and simultaneously search an unlimited number of indexes. DocuLex Desktop Search can run both as a standalone PC application, and a client-server application, searching both PC-based content and network-based content in a concurrent-search environment. The application provides over two dozen hit-highlighted search options. Through a built-in Spider, the application can also add Internet and Intranet sites to a search with integrated results. DocuLex Desktop Search (with the embedded dtSearch), whether running in a stand-alone or client-server capacity, can index and search HTML, XML and PDF (including OCR output to PDF), with highlighted hits and with embedded images, links and formatting intact. Other file types that the application displays with highlighted hits include: word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation and similar “Office” files; and email message stores (MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS Exchange, Eudora and other .MSG formats) along with the full-text of attachments, ZIP files, and CSV files.