Apago Inc. announces the immediate availability of PDF Enhancer 3.1, a production tool for PDF document assembly and preparation tasks. PDF Enhancer streamlines the creation of PDF documents by automating the most common preparation tasks, including assembly, optimization, stamping, cropping, imposition and color correction. The latest upgrade adds several features, including support for Mac OS X version 10.4 “Tiger”, font repair, new color correction options and digital signatures. From consumers and small businesses to large magazines and newspapers, PDF Enhancer 3.1 allows users to build a new document from multiple sources, to take “print-ready” documents and prepare them for distribution on the Internet, or simply to modify PDF files to meet specific output requirements. PDF Enhancer does this by taking a single, general-purpose PDF file and targeting it to a specific use. Each “target” consists of a collection of settings about the optimizations and improvements that will be applied to the document. PDF Enhancer provides users with low to high-volume needs the tools for repurposing PDF files for optimal use according to the intended output target. PDF Enhancer also reduces the size of most PDF files through techniques such as image optimization, unused or duplicate element removal, and analysis of the internal make-up of files to eliminate additional redundancies. Pricing for Standard Edition is $199, Professional Edition $399, Server Edition $999, and Advanced Server Edition $1,999. PDF Enhancer 3.1 is available as a free upgrade to customers who previously purchased PDF Enhancer 3.0. Upgrade pricing and free evaluation software is available at