Quadralay Corporation and XyEnterprise announced a strategic partnership that will combine XyEnterprise’s Content@ software with Quadralay’s WebWorks AutoMap. These technologies streamline business processes, providing information-management capabilities and automated online publishing for midsize and large Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word authoring groups. XyEnterprise’s Content@ is a content management application that manages structured and unstructured content as whole documents or reusable components that can then be shared across multiple delivery channels. With FrameMaker Application Interfaces, content developers, managers and publishers have instant connectivity between Adobe FrameMaker and Content@. Additional support for FrameMaker’s “Book” format means any FrameMaker document can be tracked and versioned within the Content@ application. Content@ also supports many Microsoft products and has several new offerings that support Microsoft’s “XML” based applications. WebWorks AutoMap streamlines the traditional ePublishing process by extending control over formatting, look and feel, and content targeting. The joint solution is immediately available. ,