Mediasurface launched the latest version of its content management suite (CMS) v5.3, introduced Instant Site, a new feature which enables the creation of websites in minutes. Mediasurface v5.3 also incorporates enhancements to its Morello Smart Client. Business users can select templates, page layouts and component pages, and in less than 10 clicks Instant Site can build a brand new fully managed site, which adheres to corporate branding and accessibility standards. Mediasurface’s Instant Site feature enables IT to supply business users with a framework of components such as FAQ pages, a search facility, or even whole sets of pages, for example: a newsroom or newsletter with homepage, discussion areas, feeds and links pages. Mediasurface v5.3 now also includes a content classification tool. The new Taxonomy Browser enables editorial users to identify and select the right keywords and phrases to ensure content is always tagged correctly. It includes a searchable tree-structured representation along with predictive typing and identification, and an intelligent ‘suggest’ feature to help users find the preferred term. The system can also be configured to work with multiple taxonomies such as the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary or Government Category List. Mediasurface v5.3 increases support for managing multiple websites, allowing the user to track content throughout the entire business operation. Content can be shared across all internet, intranet and extranet sites. By using the new Content Tracker, an impact analysis can be carried out on changes to content that is shared across these sites. Mediasurface v5.3 is now available as a free upgrade to existing Morello customers.