thePlatform announced thePlatform Media Publishing System (MPS) has added support for RSS. MPS is a digital media publishing solution, enabling content owners, aggregators and enterprises to manage and deliver digital media content. thePlatform MPS enables content owners and aggregators to publish their audio and video content in multiple digital media formats, bit-rates, content categories and device profiles. Now, with built-in support for RSS publishing in MPS-powered media portals, streaming or downloadable content can be discovered by a wide range of RSS-enabled podcasting media aggregators, digital media search engines and directories. MPS enables content owners and aggregators to manage and publish their media in a variety of digital audio and video codecs and formats, including Windows Media, Flash, MP3, MPEG-4, 3GPP. With the integrated content management features in MPS, content owners can manage and organize their media. Integrated RSS publishing support in MPS enables content owners to make their video publishing portals discoverable. Content owners can also publish categorized feeds. Using built-in MPS features for authentication, digital media content can be secured and accessed via proper authentication or made freely available. Through commerce and digital rights management support, content can be published with recurring subscription, pay-per-view or advertising business models. Content owners or aggregators can deploy MPS as a hosted solution, or as a self-hosted or hybrid application.