Justsystems Inc. announced that it is working with IBM to deliver a solution for native XML applications based on IBM’s next version of DB2, code-named ‘Viper’. The combination of Viper and Justsystems’ xfy front-end application platform will provide native support for XML content handling and business intelligence. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper1 serves as a platform for creating and running native XML applications extremely rapidly. It is based on xfy Basic Edition 1.0, released in Oct. 2005. On the xfy platform, a document becomes the fundamental executable unit of an XML application, an “XML Object” that contains both data and business logic. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper provides semi-automated, real-time application creation from existing XML resources, such as XML Schema or XQuery results. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper is written in Java and runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. xfy Basic Edition 1.0 and xfy Developer’s Toolkit 1.0 are available free for noncommercial individual or academic use. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper consists of xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 and DB2 Viper Extension kit. xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 is scheduled for release in June, 2006. The DB2 Viper Extension Kit will follow.