Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE:SAY) announced the Intelligent Statements solution for financial services organizations. Now, banks and other financial institutions can use intelligent bank and credit card e-statements for more secure and cost-effective delivery of highly targeted, personalized communications. Based on Adobe LiveCycle software and developed and distributed by Satyam, the Intelligent Statements solution enables banks and other financial institutions to add transaction-level intelligence to electronic statements, which are batch-processed and delivered to customers in Adobe PDF. Using Adobe Reader customers can view and interact with these statements for transactions such as updating personal information, disputing an erroneous transaction, or taking advantage of a special offer. Once the customer clicks the submit button, the data is protected and automatically sent back to the institution’s core systems for processing. Additionally, the statement can be saved to a local hard drive for completion or submission at a later time. Adobe LiveCycle software makes it easier for financial services organizations to more effectively create and deliver information by combining the business logic and data exchange capabilities of XML with the visual fidelity and security features of Adobe PDF. The software is built on a common server architecture based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition and XML. The Intelligent Statements solution is available immediately through Satyam.