SiberLogic announced the DITA Edition of its content management system, SiberSafe, a DITA solution that combines semantic knowledge modeling with a CMS.
Using SiberSafe Visual Modeler, knowledge is contributed directly into the semantic model by the subject matter expert. The user interface is optimized for DITA-compliant topics and components, and can be pre-populated with concepts, tasks, and references that support individual specialization requirements. Information can be incrementally added to the semantic model as it becomes available during the product development lifecycle. Once the model is complete, draft topics can be automatically generated. SiberSafe establishes associations between topics and appropriate parts of the semantic model, and will automatically notify topic owners about any relevant changes in the model. Content can be authored both online and offline using Blast Radius XMetaL, Arbortext Epic, and Adobe FrameMaker 7.2, and output to IETP/IETM, SCORM, PDF, HTML, and PowerPoint, for delivery on paper, CD-ROM, or online. SiberSafe DITA Edition modeling technology is built on the open W3C Semantic Web standards RDF and OWL.