Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) launched Windows Desktop Search enabled for enterprise deployment, which allows corporate information workers to find and retrieve what they’re looking for on their personal computers, in e-mail and on network file shares from a single starting point. Microsoft’s vision is to enable a complete enterprise search experience with search across the PC and e-mail through Windows Desktop Search, across the enterprise intranet environment with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and across the Web with MSN Search. Microsoft plans to continue expanding the capabilities of Windows Desktop Search and augment them with Windows Live services to search across new data sources and provide the future opportunity to build services on top of the desktop platform. The new enterprise version of Windows Desktop Search takes the consumer version of the product offering and provides a simple way to deploy and manage this product across the enterprise environment. Enterprise customers have the option to deploy the MSN Search Toolbar, which provides a new beta feature that gives people the ability to see integrated Windows Desktop Search results within Microsoft Office Outlook. IT managers can customize Windows Desktop Search and the MSN Search Toolbar to allow users to switch the scope of their search experience from their desktop to the Web or to a corporate intranet, all from one ubiquitous search box. These products have been designed to respect the privacy of multiple users on a single PC by utilizing the Windows authentication and user account management infrastructure. IT professionals can deploy, customize and manage these search capabilities via Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 or third-party deployment tools. IT professionals can also extend Windows Desktop Search to index additional information sources and file types using IFilters and protocol handlers that are documented on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site. Enterprises can tap into additional product assistance through Microsoft Product Support Services. Currently supported in 15 languages, with others available soon, Windows Desktop Search for the enterprise can be downloaded for free with a Windows License at