Justsystems Inc. announced the release of xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0, an integrated development and runtime environment for enterprise XML applications. Justsystems plans to release the product in June 2006. xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 helps application developers create user interfaces for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and web services. xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 also allows end users to optimize workflow through an easy interface for the rapid development of customized applications. xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 combines an XML document creation and editing environment; an application execution environment; and an application development platform for business. Built around the xfy Enterprise Client Runtime, the xfy Enterprise Solution suite also includes xfy View Generator 1.0 for automatically creating xfy components from existing XML schema, XSLT support, xfy View Designer 1.0 for creating an interactive display, and xfy Developer’s Toolkit 1.0. In addition, xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 introduces xfy Server 1.0 to manage client components and user authentication, enabling businesses to re-use components. Annual licenses for the xfy Enterprise Client are available at US $50 per client. The annual server license is US $3,000 per processor.