KnowledgeLake, Inc. announced that its next major product release will extend the new ECM feature set in the upcoming Microsoft Office release, Office “12”. Microsoft’s new Office 12 Server will provide a server platform with core features such as records management, workflow, and content archiving. KnowledgeLake products are specifically designed to add application functionality to the Microsoft Office 12 platform and to have a product set that competes in the ECM market. Microsoft’s announcement of new platform technologies such as the Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), XML Paper Specification (XPS), and support for Official Documents (records management) now allows KnowledgeLake to focus on bringing these platform functions together in a natural user workspace that supports various forms of content capture. KnowledgeLake Capture currently brings scanning functionality to the desktop and integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. The next version planned for concurrent release with Office 12 will bring increases in functionality and support for new document formats. This along with enhanced workflow functionality based on WWF is the primary focus of the next product release.