JadeLiquid Software announced the beta release of WebRenderer Server Edition, a Java browser component that runs in headless server environments. The WebRenderer Server Edition allows for headless rendering of web-content across multiple platforms without the requirement for a GUI such as XWindows. WebRenderer Server Edition does not require any graphics resource or Java Swing or AWT support. WebRenderer Server Edition can be utilized in server side automation including automated unit testing of web services, HTML to bitmap conversion, automated report printing, thumbnail generation and web transaction verification. The WebRenderer Java browser component integrates into any Java Server or Desktop application and provides standards compliant rendering of web content across multiple platforms. WebRenderer supports HTML 4.01, SSL, JavaScript, CSS 1 & 2, XSL, XSLT, XML, DOM etc. WebRenderer allows for the creation of HTML/XML/Web-content centric Java applications by providing both client-side and server-side web content rendering for J2EE and web infrastructure driven back-ends. A 30 day trial version of WebRenderer Server Edition is available at http://www.webrenderer.com