Exalead, a provider of search software announced the availability of its unified search technology platform, exalead one:search, for American businesses. The exalead one:search platform serves as the foundation for Exalead’s portfolio of integrated search products, from desktop to enterprise and the Web. Additionally, Exalead announced the general availability of exalead one:desktop professional edition, the first software solution from the exalead one:search family of products. Coinciding with its entry into the United States market, Exalead is launching version 4.0 of the exalead one:search platform. Its design takes advantage of 64-bit processor architectures and offers a range of advanced search capabilities and navigational tools. A wide range of connectors are available for most industry standard information databases, including SQL, Lotus Notes and Documentum. The software supports a wide range of document files and formats, including multimedia files, e-mail (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes), Adobe PDF, in addition to database applications through the Professional Edition. The exalead one:desktop software is the first available product based on the exalead one:search platform 4.0 and is available for download. The exalead one:workgroup, exalead one:enterprise and exalead one:datacenter products are scheduled for general availability later this year.