Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU.; LSE: AU.L) announced a conceptual index of the World Wide Web. The index currently contains approximately one billion items, including web pages, audio, video and image files, and expansion continues rapidly. The index is available so consumer facing companies can offer their customers new search technologies across the Web. Also, enterprise users will be able to integrate retrieval, from the desktop to enterprise content to Internet content, based on the understanding of the meaning of the information, all on a private basis. Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) is able to understand the meaning of any type of content, including text, audio and video. The index was built on IDOL technology and brings additional retrieval features to the web, including conceptual clustering, implicit query, video search and Autonomy’s unique Automatic Query Guidance (AQG). Autonomy’s AQG automatically returns categories of results based on the meaning of the query, directing users to the results they require based on a conceptual and contextual understanding of their query. AQG uses conceptual clustering to determine the context of a user’s search.