Enterprises and developers can now download the Alfresco open source content management system. Alfresco is built on modern, service oriented technologies and standards such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene and Web Services, JSR-168, JSR-170 and MyFaces. The Alfresco ECM solution is designed for small to mid-sized enterprises and departments that want a system that is easy for end-users to use while also being simple-to-install and flexible for developers to create new and customized content applications. Alfresco integrates to the JBoss Portal, JBoss Application Server, JBoss Cache, JBoss Application Server, Hibernate and MySQL. The Alfresco software is zero footprint ECM whereby no ActiveX or Java Applets are required on the client. Alfresco uses the Microsoft CIFS interface, which enables users to treat content just as they would a Microsoft Windows shared file drive. CIFS enables users to take work offline and synchronize it when reconnecting. It also allows applications that will only work with mounted drives or non-networked file systems to work natively with the Alfresco repository. Alfresco also announced the availability of both a free open source “Community Network” and a series of fee-based support networks. The Community Network is free and is available for download. The Developer Network is $4.99 monthly per user and the Professional Network is $9.99 monthly per user. The Enterprise Network offers unlimited users for a monthly fee of $625. For a limited period all customers taking out a support subscription to the Alfresco Professional Network will receive the Alfresco Enterprise Network product capabilities free of charge. The Professional and Enterprise Network’s are available for download at ,