Snowbound Software announced web viewer enhancements including format support for Microsoft Word documents enabling end users to view and convert Word files without the requirement of having Microsoft Office installed on their computer. Improvements in server side caching have also improved the speed of document retrieval and viewing. FlexSnap: SI is a Java servlet/applet combination configured to integrate with content or document management systems. It gives users a universal interface allowing them to retrieve, view, annotate, manipulate, convert, and print multiple document and image formats from their document repository through a standard web browser. With these new improvements, end users can retrieve and view a specific single page contained within a large document without having to wait for the entire file to download. In the latest release, the number of pages stored on the client side can now be optimized for greatest memory efficiency. Additionally thumbnails have also been enhanced to provide end users faster display and retrieval of images. Improvements have been made to the memory management in the applet as well as the ability for system administrators to configure both image scaling and compression levels. By setting parameters, large images can be automatically reduced to a more manageable size to avoid memory problems. Administrators can also configure the level of compression for JPEG and TIFF-JPEG images.