Syntext, Inc. announced version 2.3 of its Serna WYSIWYG XML Editor. Serna is a WYSIWYG XML editor incorporating on-the-fly XSL-driven technology that allows users to work with XML documents “close to their print appearance.” Enterprise technical author groups can simplify and accelerate their collaborative work on the XML documents with the new Serna functionality for XInclude support, WebDAV support and redlining. With Serna’s XInclude support, authors can re-use and assemble content from several documents. The included XML documents are edited “in-place,” as if they are parts of the main document. Authors can include only a part of a document without breaking it into fragments. The redlining functionality allows authors to annotate XML documents, and find, accept or reject changes made by others. Serna’s redlining is transparent to document schema and does not affect other tools and publishing systems. The key features of Syntext Serna include: out-of-the-box support of DocBook, DITA, TEI, XHTML, NITF; on-the-fly XSL rendering and XML Schema document validation, support for XML catalogs, redlining, XInclude, WebDAV, CALS table support, multilingual spell checking, C++ and scripting (Python) plugin APIs, and availability for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP), Mac OS X and Linux. Free trials are available for download at