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Oracle, Context Media and the EII or ECI Market

Although not officially announced, a number of trade publications have reported on Oracle’s acquisition of Content Media, and Tony Byrne succinctly captures what is of immediate interest to followers of the content management market.

What we started calling EII (Enterprise Information Integration) a few years ago, and what many vendors called ECI (Enterprise Content Integration) remains one of the biggest challenges organizations face – too big to be served by a small niche market, as evidenced by Oracle’s move, as well as by the earlier IBM and EMC acquisitions. For a more in-depth look at the problem, players and the market see our article on What is Enterprise Information Integration (EII)?

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  1. Tim Matthews

    Thanks for the continued coverage of EII and ECI. I do think that the market’s understanding of EII is firming up (with metadata requirements, optimization approaches, etc. becoming clearer and more consistent across RFPs). I think that ECI is not as well understood still, and is where EII (for data) was a few years ago, where anyone with an approach could call themselves and EII vendor. I wonder, with all the kinds of content, if ECI can become as clear.

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