PicoSearch introduced a new service plan for large scale Internet retail and enterprise web sites. The new Platinum service plan is designed to support web sites from tens of thousands to millions of pages with greater control over searchable content. The Platinum plan also offers optional categorization and taxonomy management features that equip large scale web sites with a navigation tool for directing site visitors to the most relevant information. PicoSearch handles all the back-end work necessary to host and maintain a site search system. Its technology is capable of processing searches of unlimited page volumes. The new PicoSearch Platinum service plan gives customers the option of adding unique categorization and taxonomy features. This search functionality allows customers to define a set of topics that allow site visitors to drill deeper into online content to find exactly what they are looking for within specific pre-set categories. The PicoSearch Platinum service plan also offers the option of utilizing XML to deliver search result feeds rather than HTML to allow customers to control the manner in which results are presented and tailor the search result page to suit their needs. The PicoSearch Platinum Service Plan is available today starting at under $10,000 per year. http://www.picosearch.com