Antarctica Systems Inc. (ASI) announced the signing of a technology partnership agreement with Business Objects (NASDAQ:BOBJ) (Euronext Paris ISIS code: FR0004026250 – BOB). Antarctica is now a member of the Business Objects Technology Partner Program and the two organizations will pursue joint technical, sales and marketing activities. Antarctica’s Visual Net software offers Business Objects customers a user interface that provides for enhanced visual representation of complex data. Visual Net uses relative image sizing and color-coding to more easily spot trends, outliers, and areas of focus that may not be apparent with typical charting and graphing techniques. Antarctica complements the performance management and enterprise reporting capabilities of Business Objects by allowing a user to launch a Visual Net object from a performance management dashboard, explore and investigate an issue, and then capture results within Crystal Reports. With a visual interface, users can see both summary and detail information in context as well as visually filter large amounts of information.,