Percussion Software introduced version 2.5 of Lyrix, its Lotus Domino content integration product. Lyrix 2.5 now allows organizations to transform Domino content to standard document formats, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, xHTML and XML. This allows organizations to reuse Domino content in corporate applications that accept these formats. For example, using Lyrix, Domino content can be easily archived in centralized document repositories, made available for access in corporate portals or transferred to a company’s Web site. Version 2.5 will be available next month. Lyrix 2.5 also provides programmatic, bi-directional access to Domino content using the product’s Web services API. This enables real-time access to Domino content, automatically transforming Domino attributes – Rich Text, embedded images, doc links, attachments, etc. – into XML and XHTML. Business users can continue working with Domino as they always have, while simultaneously reusing the Domino content in other enterprise applications.